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Her Dolls Come to Life in Book
Cook Book $14.95


Suzanne Gibson, creator of collector dolls that have become internationally known, has written a book about her dolls, her family when she was growing up, and herself as a child.

THE ADVENTURES OF THE KALICO KIDS is completely illustrated with photographs of Suzanne's dolls, taken by Vester Dick, Santa Cruz photographer.

The book cover is a calico pattern taken from a fabric Suzanne uses in dressing the dolls and the entire result is guaranteed to delight little girls--and big ones.

In the chapter titled "Madelaine," Suzanne tells how she learned to sew and how she acquired her first old china-eaded doll. Learning to sew had a great deal to do with the boxes of silks and lace finery sent to her family by "Aunt Wilma" in California during the depression. Suzanne and her sister were dressed in garmets -- elegant ones, too -- designed and created from articles in "the box" -- new wardrobes from old treasures.

There are snow scenes, kitchen scenes around the old black wood stove, stories about Thanksgiving in July and Mother's Day, each with its story.

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Kalico Kids!
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