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Suzanne Gibson's Dolls

Kalico Kids

Sarah Jane

In 1973 Suzanne Gibson crated the "Kalico Kids" as Christmas gifts for her four sisters.

As a doll artist and member of National Institute of American Doll Artists, she has been creating porcelain dolls since 1961.

As the "second eldest" of eight children, it was easy for her to adapt the Adventures of the "Gibson Kids" through the depression years and thereby bring the Kalico Kids to life.

The story is mostly true and autobiographical, excepting that she has four sisters and three brothers.

Suzanne & Pierre

In 1970 she met and married Marcello Storti, an art history teacher from Italy who joined her in her porcelain doll making world. Together they have taught several doll making classes at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California.

They have no children of their own but enjoy everyone else's "Kids" who come into their lives.

Marcello, Chanel
& Pierre


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