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Suzanne Gibson

Suzanne Gibson is acknowledged as one of the outstanding doll designers today. Her interest in this field stems from her past in costume designing and sculpting. Starting at the age of thirteen, she began creating costume for her father's ballet group. She later taught ballet technique and found her true calling to be sculpting dolls modeled after young dancers. From this point forward, she bacame very deeply involved in producing dolls made of porcelain. As a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc., and the National Institute of Doll Artists, she quickly became recognized in the doll society.

Her first major series was the Kalico Kids which reflected her own childhood days. Suzanne Gibson's doll making and designing history continues to the present day with her collection of vinyl Baby Dolls, International Dolls and her interpretation of the Smithsonian Institution "First Ladies." Collectors young and old seek the Suzanne Gibson dolls to play with now and to cherish forever. For over 39 years of doll making, Suzanne Gibson has distinguished herself with a unique and creative style for children and doll collectors. Her Dolls will be cherished now and forever by all.

Vinyl dolls made while working with Reeves International are no longer being manufactured. They are available only on the secondary market such as Ebay, or from private collectors.

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